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Show Records:
N09/01 OHCHS BOTB w/tube, walktheplank, nexus, pierc-ed lemur
D08/01 OHCHS All Night Dance w/barium, triangle sleep, tube, pierc-lemur
D22/01 Paris Firehall w/silent fay, barium, feedback, pierc-ed lemur
F08/02 ALH S. Paris w/thistimetommorow, withmemories, where angels tremble, barium, feedback
M17/02 Manchester, NH Knights of Columbus w/tragedieanne, 2deadsluts, skintrance, noahsdove, headcollapse
M18/02 Pittfield Make A Wish Foundation w/feedback, 10seeds, aver
M24/02 ALH Norway w/nario, outsmarting simon, headcollapse, one last sunset, where angels tremble, barium
J16/02 Augusta @TheEdge w/laceration, 10seeds, eyes like autumn, demise
A17/02 Augusta @TheEdge w/10seeds, Nario
N15/02 OHCHS BOTB w/Helix, Jerry's Kids, Ostracize
N22/02 Gorham, ME CoffeeHouse/TC w/The Welfare Mothers, NoReserve
N30/02 Bangor, ME KCHall w/BurningInJuly, BlackMoria, Kurixis, Eyes Like Autumn
D06/02 Portland, ME TheWell w/NoReserve, Khasm, 13Winters
D20/02 S. Paris, ME VFW w/Ostracise, Jerry's Kids, Skintrance, NoReserve, Absolve
J25/03 S. Paris, ME ALH w/NoReserve, LastPerfection, ChaptersOfConversion, BurningJuly, EyesLikeAutumn